Green and White Goddess Tara "main mantra - Mantra, tantra, Stuti, Vandana, Bhajan Sadhna of Hindu Gods and Goddesses

Puja Path ka Samaan (For U.S.)


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Green and White Goddess Tara "main mantra

Goddess Tara's "main mantra

This is one of the most powerful mantras of goddess Red Tara to banish evil spirits and effects of black magic. Mere chanting of this mantra has immense benefits. Playing and chanting the mantra at haunted properties/places will remove evil and purify the place. Infuse water with this mantra and drink the water; this will destroy the effects of any black magic or evil spirits on you. (Hence is the belief of Kaulantak tradition.)

CAUTION: Never use this mantra and any techniques above to exorcise spirits from any place not rightfully yours or from any person not closely related to you. Otherwise, you may land in karmic entanglements with possibly grave consequences...


"om streem streem streem ram ram ram ram ram ram ram ram rakttaraya ham ham ham ham ham ghore Aghore Vaame kham kham kham kham kham Kharpare sam sam sam sam sam Sakal Tantrani Shoshaya-Shoshaya Sar sar sar sar sar Bhootadi Naashaya Naashaya Streem Hum Phat."

।।श्री रक्ततारा तंत्रादि भूतबाधा नाशक महामंत्र।। रक्तवर्णकारिणी, मुण्ड मुकुटधारिणी, त्रिलोचने शिव प्रिये, भूतसंघ विहारिणी भालचंद्रिके वामे, रक्त तारिणी परे, पर तंत्र-मंत्र नाशिनी, प्रेतोच्चाटन कारिणी नमो कालाग्नि रूपिणी,ग्रह संताप हारिणि, अक्षोभ्य प्रिये तुरे, पञ्चकपाल धारिणी नमो तारे नमो तारे, श्री रक्त तारे नमो। ॐ स्त्रीं स्त्रीं स्त्रीं रं रं रं रं रं रं रं रं रक्तताराय हं हं हं हं हं घोरे-अघोरे वामे खं खं खं खं खं खर्पपरे सं सं सं सं सं सकल तन्त्राणि शोषय-शोषय सर सर सर सर सर भूतादि नाशय-नाशय स्त्रीं हुं फट। 

I do not own the copyright of the audio. To the best of my knowledge, copyright of this mantra and audio is with Kaulantak Peeth.


The Goddess Tara's "main mantra, her bij (seed) syllable, is OM. She possesses a longer 5 syllable mantra: 
OM HRIM STRIM HUM PHAT! OM ॐ ह्रीं स्त्रीं हुं फट् । is the mantra of deliverance (Taraka Mantra). HRIM is a mantra of purification and transformation. STRIM is the feminine nature (stri) and gives the power to give birth and sustenance. HUM is the mantra of divine wrath and protection, as well as knowledge and perceptive power. PHAT also gives protection and destroys obstacles." Vamadeva Shastri-David Frawley. "Tantric Yoga and the Wisdom Goddesses." 

Many are familiar with the Green and White Goddess Tara in Tibetan Buddhism, who is a saviouress from fear and suffering, and a Goddess of Compassion. She originates from the Indian Hindu Goddess Tara--who is a Mahavidya Tantric Goddess of fiercer form (very similar in iconography to Kali) but still embodies compassion and protection to her devotees. Included in the video images are forms of both the fierce Hindu/Tantric forms of Tara, as well as the Tibetan Images of her. Also you will see Yantras, which are geometrical meditational images, designed to take you directly into the archetypal essence the goddess represents, beyond the human form. Note the powerful mantra "PHAT' has varying pronunciations according to region. Some begin the mantra with a soft, aspirated, "puh" (as here), and other begin it with more of a regular "F" sound. 
Enjoy your meditation and receive the blessings of TARA! 


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